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I am Etsko, I'm the artist here.

Etsko is a professional face painter residing in Cambridge, and performing across the Greater Boston area. She was raised in Japan and graduated from art school in Seattle, with a background in Asian brush calligraphy and graphic design.  In 2006 she began painting faces as a weekend street performer in Faneuil Hall, which was the start of her professional career.

Etsko's philosophy is that the art of face painting begins with design.  She starts with the customer's request, be it Butterfly or Batman, along with the color and style - like pretty, scary, bloody or sparkly.  Then she applies her beautiful brush skills, guided by a detailed understanding of facial structure, color combinations and designer’s vision. She focuses on helping the customer to express their own "art" in the final work.

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Etsko is comfortable in a fast-paced environment, and is used to serving long waiting lines.  She has worked at festivals, fairs, corporate and family events, holiday events/displays, shopping malls, night clubs, cruise ships, private birthday parties and of course, Halloween makeup service. She paints 12 to 15 full faces or 20 to 24 half-faces in one hour. She uses only FDA approved paints and is fully insured.  She has extensive experience with all ages, from preschool kids through adults, and is very good with kids who have special needs.

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